FETO operation in 5 cities based in Istanbul

The names mentioned in the statements given by the suspects who were detained before, during the studies carried out by the Istanbul Police Department, Anti-Organized Crime Branch teams against the members of FETÖ/PDY were examined. In the investigations, it was determined that 16 suspects were ByLock users and took part in the private structure of the security and TAF.


The police, which started an investigation for the arrest of the suspects, carried out simultaneous operations to many addresses in Istanbul-based Ankara, Izmir, Sakarya and Çanakkale. During the operation, 12 suspects, including police officers, lawyers, teachers and engineers who were expelled by statutory decree, were detained.

It was stated that in the correspondence of the suspects using ByLock, there were conversations about how to take precautions in case of an operation against the organization after the 17-25 December process.

The suspects were taken to the police station to be questioned.

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