Dogs will no longer bark as much as they want in Aurora, USA

In the news in the US press, a new regulation was made in the Animal Control Regulation in Aurora, which is located approximately 65 kilometers west of the city of Chicago.

Under the new regulation, a maximum of 4 pets or farm animals can be owned for each house in Aurora from now on.

Meanwhile, the regulation will not allow Aurorans to own more than two animals of the same species.

Those who have previously acquired more than 4 animals or more than two animals of the same species will be exempted from the regulation by being considered within the scope of the protection of acquired rights.

Dog owners whose dogs make “excessive noise” for more than 15 minutes between 07.00-22.00 hours and for more than 10 minutes between 22.01-06.59 hours will be fined.

Complaints will need to be made with records and a few eyewitnesses.

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