A counter-memory construction from poetry!


Ataol Behramoglufor many years in the newspaper Cumhuriyet published prose texts. However, in his own words, ‘with the possibilities of poetry’ He turned from prose to poetry in his columns in order to overcome the current feature of the columns and open up to the wider time. After this orientation, these poems become the first page poems of the newspaper and are placed on the first page that the reader sees when he or she takes the newspaper.

As our age moves away from poetry and the truth that is always hidden in the heart of poetry, and enters the dominion of the ideology of mediocrity, Ataol BehramogluWe can read ‘s insistence and stubbornness in making poetry visible as a resistance in itself. The poet’s resistance

you are guilty There are also poems that the poet wrote, published and left to infuse in his workbooks in the last forty years. Thus, the book takes the reader on a journey of recent history from poetry…

Deepening this journey, going back a little further, BehramogluThose who investigate the poetry adventure of ‘s poetry will see that Behramogluis a name that has been crowned with the ability to have poetic originality since the twenties.


His first poem in the early sixties ‘Melancholia’published a few years later ‘One Day Must Have’ The poet who gave the title is not far from the following sentence he said for his high school years: “We were revolutionary, but Baudelaire’s sadness was not far from us…”

Ataol BehramogluHe is a poet who can show the difference between establishing a catchy and long-term verse and aphorismic, easily satisfying, easily remembered and easily forgotten poems. In other words, the reason why he was able to establish a poetry universe beyond being easy is because he was an intellectual as well as being a poet.

BehramogluWhile reading the poems of .

While searching for the intellectual behind Behramoğlu’s words and poetry, Edward SaidI would like to take advantage of: “The intellectual is perhaps a counter-memory that has formed its own counter-discourse and does not allow its conscience to look away or fall asleep.”


BehramogluAs a counter-memory that hasn’t even blinked for the last sixty years, the conscientious pen of ‘s never stopped meeting his breath with poetry, and the poet never created areas of conflict in this act, reminding the enthusiasm of the possibility of living together. To those who have stumbled since he took the pen, ‘Don’t be swayed’ was the voice.

Behramogluis a poet who wisely points out with his poems that the responsibility of the intellectual is democratic criticism.

Although wisdom is perceived as accepting what is happening and staying in the flow in today’s understanding, wise men have sought their own truths throughout the ages. While carrying the equality of people and the superiority of compassion in their saddlebags in these quests, the real happiness is Frederic LenoirAs written by .

BehramogluThere is a compassionate look at people, nature, the world, and even the contradictions of life in the lines of ‘, so the pulse of his conscience always beats fast. Poet’s new book you are guiltyIn , it is seen that this pulse has been beating without rebound for decades.


The opening poem of the book ‘Ayvazhacı Lament’ takes the reader to the pain of the landslide that took place around Kayseri, which caused the death of forty people about forty years ago. Behramogluin the opening poems Folk Literature taking advantage of its facilities. In his first poem, for example, he uses octal syllables, Folk Literature of the shortest octal syllable makes room for the possibility of permanence in his poetry. As you progress along the path of the poems in the book, the lines get longer, and the pains of recent history come to the surface of the poem.


you are guilty in his book, Ilhan Erdostfrom Uğur Mumcuyea, Uğur Mumcu‘from Metin AltiokThere is a touch of poetry with the aesthetics of poetry to the figures of recent history, who have been imprisoned behind forty locks and four walls because of their thoughts.

While all of the poems carry hope in their hearts, they call out to nature. ‘A Confused Spring’ In his poem, he discusses the Anthropocene era, in which man felt his dominance over the world most strongly.

While describing the change of climate in the crisis of nature, with the uneasiness of the seasons, he conveys that human and planet are one, even if people forget:

Just as people have forgotten love, this period makes the climate forget the seasons. Just as a person is afraid to make room for love in his life, as before, the world is not very willing to live:

“There is something missing in the magic of love,/ The caressed hand is insecure, the caressed skin is restless,/ The soil is suffocating beneath the concrete heaps,/ Plastic is breathing, the lungs of the seas.

I don’t know if we’ll have a place to go/ When nature completely loses its balance;/ This planet that has hosted us for millions of years/ It looks like it’s tired of this host.”

Ataol Behramoglu new poetry book you are guilty While reminding the intellectual’s responsibility and the courage to tell the truth, he whispers to the reader: He who forgets poetry has forgotten the purest form of life, love and romance.

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