2 awards to Turkey at the Kyrgyzstan International Tourism Fair!

“Issyk Kul Tourism Fair (ITF) 2022” International Tourism Fair was held in Kyrgyzstan to promote the country’s tourism potential and attract foreign tourists.

Government institutions, cultural associations, travel companies, tour operators and other organizations operating in the field of tourism participated in the fair in the Ruh Ordo Open Air Museum area in Cholpon-Ata.

At the fair, tents were set up from 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan and famous personalities, nature, investment opportunities, local cuisine culture, clothes, handicrafts and arts were introduced.

In the event, traditional sports games, folk dances, ethnic folk dances, craft lessons and a concert program with the participation of local artists were organized.


Turkish organizers set up 3 Kyrgyz tents and stands to promote their country.

The tents set up in front of the Atatürk statue in the area were decorated with Turkish flags, posters of state institutions, and paintings of historical figures.

Turkey’s Embassy in Bishkek, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, all educational institutions of Turkey in Bishkek, International Turkish Cultural Organization, Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University and promotional organizations participated in the organization.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World in 2022, also demonstrated the transformation of silkworm cocoons into yarn with the contribution of master artists, and introduced the art of marbling, its city, its cuisine, and glass-ceramic products.

Ahmet Sadık Doğan, Turkey’s Ambassador to Bishkek, attended the fair with his Ottoman-era attire.


Kyrgyzstan Council of Ministers Chairman Akikbek Caparov and Minister of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy Azamat Camankulov visited the tents where Turkey was introduced and the stands in front of it.

Caparov was shown the transformation of silkworm cocoons into yarn, tulip making with the art of marbling, and glass-ceramic products.

Ambassador Doğan offered “Bursa candied chestnuts” to Caparov, who was invited to the stand where some examples from Turkish cuisine were displayed.

Drawing attention to Doğan’s outfit, Caparov said, “Heroes like you founded the Ottoman Empire.” used the phrase.

Doğan, who was invited to the stage at the official opening ceremony of the fair, was presented with the “reliable partnership and successful cooperation” and “best stand design” awards.

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