The person who kidnapped the 15-year-old boy was released!

The father, whose 15-year-old child was kidnapped by a forest worker in Adana’s Karaisalı district, reacted with tears to the pending trial of the forest worker. Father,My daughter stays in love houses, I can’t see her, the kidnapper is walking around waving his arms” said.

The incident took place in the Hacımusali District of Karaisalı district on September 20. Karaisalı Imam Hatip High School 10th grade student, 15-year-old ARŞ.

ARŞ., who stayed in the dormitory for a few days, allegedly started to stay in the house kept by the forest worker İ.Ç. Dormitory officials informed the family of the situation after ARŞ.

Her family learned that their daughter was staying at İ.Ç.’s house. While ARŞ.’s father, Halil Ş, was returning to the village with his daughter, he also filed a complaint against İ.Ç. The Gendarmerie released İ.Ç. after taking her statement after the 15-year-old girl said that İ.Ç. had not harmed her and that she had stayed at home of her own will.


On the morning of September 20, the family realized that their daughter was not at home and went to the gendarmerie again. The family is 25 years older than their daughter İ.Ç. Claiming that she was kidnapped by him, she once again complained. Acting upon the family’s complaint, the gendarmerie, 3 days later İ.Ç. and ARŞ. was in a barracks in the village of Tumenli, 45 kilometers from the town centre.

In the raid by the gendarmerie, İ.Ç. and ARŞ. found in the shed. While İ.Ç. was detained by the gendarmerie, ARŞ. On the other hand, he was taken to the love houses after being checked for health. ARŞ. also said that the forest worker İ.Ç. did not harm him and İ.Ç. was released on condition of judicial control.


Father Halil Ş., claiming that his daughter could not complain about fear, later said that his daughter told the whole truth.

Father Halil Ş., demanding the arrest of İ.Ç.My child I.C. He didn’t miss it alone. Muhtar Y.Ç., HU and his wife HU also helped them. My daughter told me all. They detained my daughter for 3 days. While the gendarmerie was looking for my daughter, the muhtar kept us busy. My daughter was trembling when she got home, but she didn’t complain as they threatened to kill her parents. They took my child to love houses there now” he said.

“My Child Was Abused”

Stating that the hearing will be held on May 27, father Halil Ş.All are free now. They are walking around waving their arms. İ.Ç., who kidnapped my daughter, is currently working as a forest worker in Antalya. I want the person who kidnapped my daughter to be arrested and punished. How can a person who kidnapped a 15-year-old boy be released? I see my daughter every day and she cries on the phone. At first, my daughter didn’t say anything in her statement, but now she says what she told us in her statement. Abused also tells about him. My daughter is free now even though she said” he said.

Claiming that they are also threatened now, father Halil Ş. said, “I can’t take them anymore. I have no one. I take refuge in my state. Please do what is necessary” said.

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