The boiler exploded in a factory in Bilecik! 2 workers died

A boiler explosion took place at around 01.30 last night, for an undetected reason, at the Bilecik Iron and Steel Factory, which provides service in the Organized Industrial Zone within the borders of Poyra village of Bozüyük district of Bilecik. In the explosion, the worker named GT, who had burns on their bodies, was slightly injured, while the workers named Ali Gündoğan and Enver Güler were seriously injured.


After the first intervention by the 112 Emergency Service teams who came to the scene, GT Bozüyük District State Hospital, who was in mild health condition, and Ali Gündoğan and Enver Güler, who were severe, were transferred to Eskişehir and Bursa. Workers named Ali Gündoğan and Enver Güler could not be saved despite all the interventions.


While the gendarmerie was investigating the incident, there was great sadness at the factory.

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