Raid on condolences of journalist Abu Akile killed by Israeli police

Israeli police, Al Jazeera television reporter killed yesterday in the occupied West Bank Shirin Abu Aqila raided a house in East Jerusalem where condolences were accepted.

Israeli police raided the condolence house in the al-Lika Church in the Beit Hanina district of East Jerusalem, injuring some of them lightly.

The Israeli police, who took down the Palestinian flag hung on the Lika Church and seized it, then summoned Antuan, the brother of journalist Şirin Ebu Akile, to testify.

Shirin Abu Akile, 51, a veteran field reporter for Qatar-based Al Jazeera television, was killed by Israeli soldiers’ fire yesterday while he was following the raid by Israeli forces on the Jenin Refugee Camp in the occupied West Bank. Journalist Ali es-Sumudi, who was with Şirin Ebu Akile, was also injured in the back.

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