Istanbul Cyber ​​Cops cracked down on Fishermen

The operation was carried out by the Police of the Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch of the Istanbul Police Department. Investigations were initiated after complaints from many victims. victims; He claimed that they rented a car online and deposited money, but that they were defrauded. A scam network has been detected. Network member fraudsters; It has been determined that some car rental companies known in the market have copied their internet pages. According to the allegations, fraudsters; received phone information of victims who rented a car with copy sites. Then, the fraudsters, who sent messages “I am the valet of the rental company. If you made the payment, we will deliver your car” via WhatsApp, the rental fees were paid quickly.

It has also been determined that the duplicate websites created by the network members using special software appear at the top of the search engines. It was determined that the members of the network, who defrauded many people and made an unfair profit of 900 thousand lira in total, made money transfers to bank accounts opened in the name of third parties in order not to be caught. The open identities of 11 network members were identified. Simultaneous operations were carried out to many addresses in eight districts. Eight network members were caught and detained. The digital materials found in the searches made at the addresses were confiscated for examination. The hunt for the three fugitive network members continues.

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