ISIS manager was treated in a state hospital in Konya while wanted with a red notice

5 June HDP Diyarbakir rally in Turkey, 20 July Suruç, 10 October Ankara Station bombings, critical name of ISIS border emir Inspirational HoneyIn 2016, when searched by Red Bulletin Konya Cihanbeyli State HospitalIt turned out that he was receiving treatment.

The official letter sent by the Ministry of Health stating that Bali was receiving treatment was included in the ongoing case file at the Şanlıurfa 5th High Criminal Court regarding the ISIS Suruç massacre. In the article, it was stated that Bali was registered with the Family Medicine No. 31 in Adana Sarıçam and had an examination record. In the examination record presented in the appendix of the article, which states that the examination was carried out in the National Health System (USS), it was reported that three procedures were performed for the treatment of Bali on 25 July 2016 in the “emergency internal medicine intensive care” branch at Konya Cihanbeyli State Hospital.

With the Red Bulletin about Honey, which has not been caught yet, the search record has not been removed either.

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