Göztepe community is locked in Mehmet Sepil

It has been announced that Mehmet Sepil, who has held the majority of the club’s shares in Göztepe for 8 years, saying goodbye to the Super League, and resigning from all his duties, including the chairmanship in March, will make the announcement that has been expected for months tomorrow. It was noted that Sepil, who will appear before the members of the media at the Gürsel Aksel Stadium at 16.00, will convey all the developments regarding the agenda to the public.

While Mehmet Sepil, who has been in the USA for a while, was wondering what kind of road map the club would draw after leaving his duties, the names of many suitors for the transfer process occupied the agenda for a long time. In this process, domestic and foreign investors contacted Göztepe. However, no official transfer has taken place so far.

It was emphasized that Mehmet Sepil will make very important statements about the transfer of the club. Camia and fans focused on Sepil’s press conference after a long silence. If the transfer of the club did not take place, it was among the possibilities that the new president, Murat Yazıcı, who is also Sepil’s lawyer, would continue to serve.

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