Accident on TEM highway: One person died

The accident occurred at around 00.30 on the Gaziosmanpaşa TEM highway in the direction of Ankara. Allegedly, the driver of the super-fast 07 ANB 715 car, Emre Ayat (26) suddenly lost control of the car and entered the barriers.

Emre Ayar, who was stuck in the car, which became unusable by hitting the barriers, died at the accident site. Those who saw the accident informed the fire department, health and police teams. The medical teams, who came to the scene in a short time, checked the health status of Emre Ayat, who was stuck in the vehicle.

After the controls, it was determined that Emre Ayat died. After the prosecutor and crime scene investigation teams finished their work at the accident site, Emre Ayat, who was trapped in the car and died, was taken out of the vehicle by the firefighters and handed over to the medical teams.


Emre Ayat, who lost control of the car while coming to the Gaziosmanpaşa Viaduct, entered the barriers. Emre Ayat, who was stuck in the car, died at the accident site while the parts of the car that hit the barriers were thrown to the road.

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