Will he return to politics? Tansu Ciller spoke to Cumhuriyet TV

22nd Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Tansu Cillerhas recently come to the fore with its criticisms of the Nation Alliance and its statements close to the People’s Alliance.

Çiller, for the first time in connection with the allegations that IYI Party Chairperson Meral Akşener is uncomfortable with her political position and that she is trying to meet with party leaders on the centre-right. Republic TVspoke to

In an interview held at his mansion in Istanbul, Çiller responded to the allegations that he would return to politics, and made remarkable statements regarding the political agenda.


In 1994, the DYP-SHP government headed by Tansu Çiller had put large amounts of money on the market in order to lower interest rates. However, high liquidity caused an attack on foreign currency instead of lowering the interest rate. Çiller, who wanted to respond to the criticisms directed at her especially regarding the 5 April Decisions, said that the wrong attitude was taken in these criticisms.

Çiller, who wanted to respond to the negative criticisms about the 5 April Decisions, said, “There is an opinion that Tansu Çiller was a professor of economics, moreover, she was from Boğaziçi University, but she ruined the economy and left. There can be no such great injustice. After I implemented the 5 April Decisions… Prime Minister Tansu Çiller in 1995, 8 percent growth. Where 2-3-4-5, where 8 percent growth? I did all this, but under what conditions? With coalitions, with the fight against terrorism… In 1995, we opened Turkey up to competition. We wanted to sell the PTT’s T, they did not sell it,” he said.


Stating that she never gave up on her passion for the European Union, Tansu Çiller said that Turkey, which she left, is a country that is self-sufficient in food. Explaining that Turkey has started to “take the lead” in the defense industry, Çiller said, “Man misses his land, water, and sun. Don’t go there.”


Claiming that the solution to the disintegration in politics is in the centre-right, Çiller said that the centre-right is a great tradition and manifesto.

Stating that Turkey has given a serious disintegration signal and that the only way to overcome this fragmentation is the centre-right, Çiller said, “We must find the centre-right again. Because the centre-right was an institution that gathered all sides together, it was like a cement. So think of it as baklava, a baklava whose taste fits all of Turkey. It is not possible to become a center right by putting some things into it here and there and saying “We are centre-right”. Embracing all sides of Turkey and not just majority rights; It is a great tradition that also considers minority rights,” he said.


Claiming that there is no center-right in Turkey, Çiller said that “football games” were played about who will become president in the Nation Alliance, and that it was not clear who would say what about who would become a candidate.

Pointing out that the ‘Six Table’ consists of different ideas, Çiller claimed that the six parties ‘could not catch the majority’.

“Six different ideas, they can’t sit around a table and decide, they can’t even nominate a presidential candidate. And they are hanging on the rope of HDP,” Çiller said, “With the President’s yes, they will go to the referendum and bring the parliamentary system with a 60-62 percent majority. “My baby, these are fairy tales for grown-ups. The centre-right needs to be rebuilt, because the cement is here,” he said.


Stating that he does not see the People’s Alliance as ‘a centre-right formation’, Çiller said:

“- I think right now there is not only the centre-right, but also the centre-left. Now, the AKP has its shortcomings, the Nation Alliance has also. The People’s Alliance is not a centre-right formation. When I look at the Nation Alliance, I really see Turkey. I see a formation there that will stumble.

– If a centre-right party murders its nationalists in order to protect the left-wing party or to support another PKK-affiliated party somewhere, the centre-right will not come out of this.

– Let’s look at the sixes, collect those six chairs. What do you see there? They have been actively involved in the AKP, they have risen to the top, and you cannot see them independently of them. If the Nation Alliance looks in the mirror, it sees the remnants of the People’s Alliance. However, there is chaos for the center-right Turkey in the People’s Alliance. My concern is young people.”

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