Verbal abuse from Mehmet Ali Erbil to Melike Öcalan on stage: ‘I couldn’t touch you’

Actor, comedian, presenter Mehmet Ali Erbil attended the 13th anniversary celebration of the society and magazine ‘Quality of Magazine’ the previous evening. Melike Öcalan and Gökay Kalaycıoğlu hosted the night. The dialogue between the presenter Öcalan and Erbil marked the night.

“I couldn’t touch you”

Erbil for Melike Öcalan on stage “You have become beautiful girl. The ones I touch become famous, but I couldn’t touch you” said.


Öcalan on the words of Erbil “Such a thing has never happened. Say that you can’t touch it like that. I’m in shock right now. Nothing like this has happened in 20 years” he replied. Gökay Kalaycıoğlu, who intervened at that time, changed the subject.


Mehmet Ali Erbil had fallen in the bathroom of his house four years ago as a result of his foot slipping, and his broken ribs ruptured his lung membrane and caused internal bleeding.

Mehmet Ali Erbil, who had relapsed escape syndrome (acute and severe recurrent attacks associated with rapid drop in blood pressure as a result of fluid leaks from capillaries) and was away from the screens in this process, returned to his old days after his successful treatment.

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