The file would be closed after 3 days! Murder made to look like suicide solved after 20 years

Urhan Daduklu (63), who lives alone in Sücüllü village of Yalvaç district of Isparta, was found dead in his vineyard house on 28 May 2002, shot in the chest with a hunting rifle. It was evaluated that Daduklu, whose body was found 7 days after his death, committed suicide, and a decision of non-prosecution was given regarding the file.

The teams affiliated to the Yalvaç Central Police Station were informed that Daduklu was killed by HG (47) and NK (44) during their intelligence work, and the incident was given the appearance of suicide. In line with the information obtained, the suspects were followed technically and physically by the gendarmerie teams.

Reaching sufficient evidence, the gendarmerie teams detained HG and NK with the operation carried out 3 days before the file expired. HG, one of the suspects who was transferred to the courthouse after his actions at the gendarmerie, was arrested and sent to prison, while NK was released on condition of judicial control.

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