The claim that Çağdaş Atan’s new address is known

It has been claimed that Çağdaş Atan, the top ‘manager candidate’ in Samsunspor, will meet with club president Yüksel Yıldırım and his team for the last time.

According to the news of Sporx from the local newspaper, it was stated that the problem between the two parties was the price that Çağdaş Atan wanted, but that the deal was at a resolution stage.

It is claimed that the official announcement will be made in the coming days.


Samsunspor Club Deputy Chairman Veysel Bilen said at the press conference held at Nuri Asan Facilities on May 4 that they will share the coach who will coach the team in the new season with the public within 10 days, and said, “Our teacher will be involved in both the evaluation of the team and the studies for the next year. We also aim to introduce Samsun to our teacher. We have come a long way in that regard as well,” he said.

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