Tea producers called for a march, the Governor’s Office banned all actions and activities

After the Tea Producers Council announced that it would march in front of the General Directorate of ÇAYKUR to convey the demands of the farmers and tea producers, the Governorship of Rize decided to ban action and activity.

In the statement made by the Rize Governor’s official social media account, it was said:

“The demonstration march and open-air meetings to be held in accordance with the provisions of the meeting and demonstration marches law no. excluding commercial advertisements to be organized in our province, press release, handing out leaflets, distribution of brochures, hanging and opening banners, posters, lighting and carrying torches, conducting surveys, hunger strike, sit-in, booth, signature campaign. Putting up a tent, putting up protests and similar activities with the permission of the local authority between the dates specified in paragraphs (a) and (c) of article 11 of the Provincial Administration Law No. 5442; In addition, all kinds of authorized-unauthorized meetings and activities create an atmosphere of peace and security. It should be watched by the law enforcement for the detection of possible crimes with the persons who will attempt to disrupt, audio and video recording. It is respectfully announced to the public that the registration of intellectuals, those who do not comply with the decision and those who continue to violate the decision despite the warnings, will be considered as illegal meetings and demonstration marches, and that the necessary actions will be taken within the scope of the meeting and demonstration march law numbered 2911 and other relevant laws.


Prior to the ban decision of the Rize Governor’s Office, the Tea Producers Assembly had announced that they would march to convey the signatures they collected and their demands to the General Directorate of Çaykur. The following statements were included in the statement of the assembly, which called in front of the General Directorate of Çaykur on Thursday, May 12:

“Our country is in a deep economic crisis, and every day, all consumption materials, especially basic foodstuffs, are increased. Compared to last year, our incomes have decreased, our purchasing power has decreased by 1/4. We will enter the fields for the fresh tea harvest, which is our main source of income. However, before the harvest begins. We have already borrowed for fertilizer purchases during the fertilization period.

Farmer friend, we are not helpless. We have to organize and make our voices heard.”

With this understanding, we prepared a signature text containing our demands as tea producers in the region. We will deliver the signatures we collect to the General Directorate of Çaykur.”

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