Retirees in Germany “go to Turkey to warm up” proposal – Last Minute World News

Marija Linnhoff, President of the Association of Travel Agencies (VUSR) in Germany, made a new proposal to retirees in the country.

Linnhoff, “To save gas next winter, German retirees should spend all the cold months in Turkey,” he said.

In the news of Bild, the President of the Travel Agencies Association said that the state should subsidize the retired citizens by providing 500 Euros each to go to Mallorca, Tunisia or Turkey during the winter months.

After the war started by Russia against Ukraine, European countries, especially Germany, are expected to suffer from natural gas problems in the winter months.

In the news in the German press, it was reported that the tourism professionals in Turkey said that the tourists coming in the winter months would be of great benefit to tourism.

The report emphasized that SPD politician Ralf Stegner said, “This is a typical crazy idea and it certainly does not contribute to solving our energy policy challenges.”

Andreas Pinkwart, Minister of Economy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, underlined that if a large number of people leave the country, purchasing will decrease and the economy will be adversely affected.

CDU politician Jana Schimke, on the other hand, warned that the proposal would bring at least 10 billion Euros of additional borrowing and said, “What will be saved in the end is not measurable.”

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