Reaction to terrorism from those who lost their relatives in the PKK’s Dürümlü massacre

Relatives of those who lost their lives in the attack on 12 May 2016, in which PKK terrorists detonated the truck they loaded with 15 tons of explosives in the Genc district of Bingol, detonated in the hamlet of Dürümlü, reacted to terrorism.

Aynur Yaman, who lost her husband and some relatives in the attack, told Anadolu Agency that she could not reach her husband, whom she called on the phone after hearing a huge explosion on the evening of the attack.

Stating that he was alone with his 7 children after the death of his wife, Yaman stated that his youngest child was in the fire at that time.

Expressing that he always hopes that his wife will return home one day, Yaman said, “I distributed some of the clothes left by my wife and separated a few pieces. I wash and iron her clothes every year and hang them in the closet as if my wife will come back one day.” he said.


Yaman stated that they were peaceful even though their financial situation was not good when his wife was alive, and said:

“My wife happily took care of the children at home. Children’s necks are bent on Father’s Day and holidays. After the incident, we were not left alone. Our parents could not provide what the state provided to us. I was living in an earthen house, my children were small, thank God they supported us.”

Yaman stated that they feel their pain like the first day every year on May 12, and said, “May my Lord not forsake our rights and the rights of these little children. Those who say they are defending the Kurds come and slaughter us. We do not give them our rights.” used the phrases.


Nesibe Yaman, who lost her two sons in the attack, also stated in Kurdish, that nothing remained of the corpses of those who lost their lives in the attack.

“As if the incident happened yesterday, our pain is always the same, it never decreases.” Yaman said that he raised his 2 children with financial difficulties.

Reacting to terrorism, Yaman said:

“I didn’t know that my children will become dust in front of the wind. My children have become dust and blew up into the air. Their pain will never end. I will carry this pain until I die. 10 people from my family have died. If God had not given patience, I would have lost my sanity. My eyes are dry from crying, and I no longer have tears in my eyes. “I became the tree that dries up. Just as my children were torn apart, so shall they. At least my children have a grave, not even a grave for them. May my Lord not forsake our rights in this world and the hereafter.”


Hacı Çelebi Yaman, who lost 2 of his brothers, uncle and some relatives in the massacre, said that the terrorist organization PKK carried out many attacks against civilians.

Yaman continued his words as follows:

“The one who does this introduces himself as ‘I am a Kurd’, ‘I am defending the Kurds.’ He says. It deals the biggest blow to the Kurds, it commits the biggest massacre among the Kurds. Will such looters be my spokesperson. My spokesperson is my state, my army, my flag. No one should engage in politics over the Kurds. The pain of those we have lost is as fresh as the first day. It has not been 6 years since, Even after 600 years, we will not forget this event and we will not let it be forgotten. We will tell this to the generations that come after us. May 12 means the day our lives turn dark and our hopes and lives are taken from us.”

Hacı Çelebi Yaman stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu did not leave them alone.


Hasan Yaman, who lost his father and 2 older brothers in the attack, said that after the incident, nothing in the village was the same as before.

Yaman said, “There is no such thing as peace in our village. People don’t smile much in the village. This pain pierced our hearts like a dagger and that dagger will remain in place for life.” said.


There was a quarrel between PKK terrorists who brought the truck they had seized and loaded with 15 tons of explosives in the Genç district of Bingöl, to the Tanışık District of Diyarbakır’s Yenişehir district on the night of 12 May 2016, and the villagers who were suspicious of their situation. PKK militants, who noticed that they were being followed by the villagers, had detonated the truck at the entrance of the hamlet. In the explosion, 16 people lost their lives and 23 people were injured.

It was announced that the perpetrator of the treacherous attack, PKK terrorist İzzet Yiğit, in the orange category, was neutralized on 11 June 2020.


Burhan Taş, who was arrested after the massacre, was sentenced to 17 times aggravated life imprisonment for “destroying the unity of the state and the integrity of the country” and “deliberately killing” 16 people on 24 June 2020, in the case where he was tried for leading the terrorist attack. He was sentenced to 11 years, 8 months and 20 days in prison for the crime of “change”.

In the reasoned decision of the court, there was information that it was determined that Taş had made a discovery in the region by participating in the condolences in the village on the day of the incident.

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