New Zealand fully opens its borders to tourists

New Zealand fully opens its borders to tourists

It has been reported that New Zealand, known for its strict measures in the Covid-19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world, will open its doors to all countries as of the end of July.

The New Zealand government has decided to open its doors to visitors from other countries, such as China and India, from 31 July.
Starting from this date, it was stated that the mandatory pre-departure Covid-19 test application will also be removed.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stated that the lifted border measures will also increase the flow of skilled migrant workers to the country.
The country opened its borders to Australian citizens and more than 50 European countries, including the US and UK, last month.
Tourism in New Zealand, which was frequented by approximately 3 million tourists every year before the global epidemic, is among the country’s important sources of income.

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