More than 1 million Syrians will return to their homes

AKP Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş spoke at the ‘Young Volunteers’ Meeting on the Path of Yunus Emre’ organized by the Leader Imam Hatipliler Association in Ankara’s Kızılcahamam district.

Stating that the international migrant crisis has been on the agenda recently in Turkey, Kurtulmuş said, “Like some fascist, extreme racist and radical circles in Europe, we can never speak of this as a crime against humanity; we cannot bring it to our agenda. It is a geography that has embraced all the oppressed in the world and has extended a helping hand to the oppressed. The issue of immigrants is only an outcome. If you do not focus on eliminating that outcome, it will not mean that the problem has been completely eliminated. For example, everyone talks about the issue of immigrants, “There are Afghans in Turkey. Afghans came and they are populating this place.” ‘ He says. Well, my brother, why don’t you say something to the West, saying, ‘Why have you invaded Afghanistan for 50 years?’ If the US had not invaded Russia before that, one Afghan today would not be struggling to spend his life elsewhere in the world. If you impose only death, only hunger, only inner conflict, only backwardness on people those people try to come wherever they are in the world to survive. One of the main issues behind these migrations is occupations,” he said.


Kurtulmuş said that the humane thing will be done in the immigration issue and continued as follows:

“We can never look at this problem through a hostile racism. We can never look at this problem from a perspective that marginalizes people. We have to look at this problem from a humane perspective and I hope we hope that our Syrian brothers and sisters, which are close to 500 thousand, have returned. This is one of the reasons for these operations. To ensure security and well-being there. After security is ensured in other regions as soon as possible, more than 1 million of our Syrian brothers and sisters will return to their homes and hopefully we will see that Syria is a state of peace, a country of peace. “All of the countries are places where our friends, brothers and relatives are. I hope Turkey is fighting for this geography to be a region of peace, just as it wants peace between Ukraine and Russia with a peace perspective, and the Black Sea to be a sea of ​​names for peace.”

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