Guterres: The senseless war in Ukraine must be ended

United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Austriacapital of Vienna‘in President Alexander Van der BellenHe met with.

At the press conference held after the meeting, the President Van der BellenPointing out the importance of the UN, which was established after the Second World War, for the peoples of the world, he expressed his pleasure to host one of the important offices of the UN in Vienna.


Van der Bellen, at the bilateral meeting, the Russia-Ukraine war, the war caused by the war energy and food crisis as well as climate change, renewable energy He said that important issues such as

Van der Bellen also stated that a war in Europe is not an unimaginable situation, but RussiaExpressing that not only Europe but the whole world was affected by this crisis, with the war started by European Union as (EU) Moscow He stated that his administration was met with harsh sanctions.

Antonio Guterres in Russia UkraineStating that the war he started in Turkey caused a global crisis in terms of energy, security and food products, he discussed the issues in Moscow and Turkey last week. KyivHe stated that he talked to his interlocutors during his visit to Turkey.


Pointing out the importance of Russia’s products used as fertilizer raw materials and Ukraine’s agricultural products to be accessible in the global market again, Antonio Guterres stated that as the UN, they are working to establish a dialogue between the parties, thus making efforts to find the said foodstuffs in the market again. .

Guterrek, “The number of people who had to leave the country due to the war is increasing. This senseless war, which causes serious suffering in the region, must be ended.” He underlined that climate change, which is seen as an existential threat globally due to the war in Ukraine, cannot be ignored.

Guterres also emphasized that reducing exhaust emissions and expanding renewable energy should be the common goal of all countries, and pointed out the importance of accelerating investments and studies in this direction.

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