Giresun’s Espiye Mayor, Mustafa Karadere, called the critics ‘degenerate’

Giresun’s Espiye Mayor, Mustafa Karadere, hung a banner in the district center with the words “Suleyman Soylu is enough for so many delinquents”.

The banner with the photo of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu drew a reaction. Gültekin Uzunalioğlu, a lawyer from Giresun Bar Association and former CHP Provincial Chair, said, “We strongly condemn those who prepared and put up this banner containing these lowly words that degrade the level of politics, are rude and provoke our people.” Uzunalioğlu said, “Nobility and nobility include service to the public with courtesy. We invite our political opponents to courtesy by reminding that those who behave in an insulting manner and in a rude manner are the last to speak of nobility.

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