Flash development in the explosion investigation in Tuzla! The third suspect was also arrested!

In the disaster that occurred in Tuzla on April 29, a fire broke out in the 3-storey varnish and paint factory located in the industrial zone. Istanbul Governor’s Office reported that 3 workers lost their lives and 15 workers were injured in the factory fire in Tuzla. Within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, business owner Mustafa Umut Bıçak and chemist Onur Dağdelen were arrested by judicial authorities.

Another employee of the firm, İlkin Günçavdı, who was among the suspects, was also brought to the courthouse after being detained. In his defense, the suspect, who stated that he went to the company for 2 hours and made an inspection, said, “I present my observations to the employer as a recommendation. I do not have the authority to stop work. I last went to the company on April 5th. I provide service to 15 companies, including this company. I was told that there was a deficiency in the risk analysis, but I gave the necessary information to the employees. “We used to make the necessary warnings while we were walking around the field. My negligence regarding the incident is out of question,” he said.

The suspect, who was referred to the Istanbul Anatolian Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request from the Prosecutor’s Office, was arrested by the Judge for the crime of ‘causing death or injury by negligence’ and sent to prison.

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