Erdogan’s refugee dilemma: Conflicting statements

President Erdogan’s contradictory statements on the issue of asylum seekers came to the fore.


In his statement in March, Erdogan said, “The main opposition says, ‘We will send refugees to their country when we win the election.’ We will not send. We know what Ansar is,” he said.


In his statement in April, Erdogan said, “We are doing our best for the voluntary and honorable return of our Syrian brothers.”


In the video message he sent at the opening ceremony of the briquette houses held in Idlb on May 3, Erdogan said the following on the subject:

“Now, we are in preparation for a new project that will enable the voluntary return of 1 million of our Syrian brothers. The project in 13 regions with Azez-Jarablus-El Bab-Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ayn is comprehensive. All economic infrastructure from housing to hospital, from agriculture to industry will be included in the project. Syria We will endeavor to lay the groundwork for voluntary returns once other parts of the lands become safe.”

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