Doctors in Madrid, Spain, launched an indefinite strike

Doctors in Madrid, Spain, launched an indefinite strike

In Madrid, the capital of Spain, doctors started an indefinite strike demanding the termination of temporary contracts and the recruitment of permanent staff.

It has been reported that health personnel and services will be reduced by 50 percent in all units except emergency services and critical units due to the strike started in public hospitals in Madrid.
In the statements made by the unions and associations to which the doctors are affiliated, it was stated that “the employment of temporary contracted personnel has reached an intolerable level by being abused and the strike is a necessity”.
In order to end the strike, the unions demand from the Madrid autonomous administration that all doctors employed on temporary contracts be recruited as of January 1, 2016, and that the regulation on temporary contracts be changed.
Noting that according to European Union standards, the rate of employing temporary contract doctors in regional public hospitals is 8 percent, union representatives stated that this rate is 53 percent in Madrid.
The doctors, who demonstrated in front of the Madrid autonomous administration council, announced that they would continue their actions.

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