4th tournament decision from UEFA!

UEFA is planning to launch a special tournament in the form of ‘Opening Four’.

At the UEFA meeting in Madrid; The final two rounds of the Champions League, the semi-finals and the final, played over a single match in a single city, namely the Final Four, were also discussed. The excitement, ratings and surprises increased when the Champions League played the semi-finals and finals over a single match during the pandemic process.

This application, which attracted UEFA, was once again put into the background due to logistical problems. Due to the fact that the fans could not come due to the pandemic and all the hotels were empty, this practice was implemented in Lisbon. However, due to the increase in the density in the hotels in May, the 4 teams having at least 100 thousand fans out of 25 thousand fans, and the capacity of such a hotel in very few cities, this application was once again postponed to be discussed in the next seasons.


It was noted that UEFA plans to organize a season opening tournament with 4 successful teams instead.

While it was stated that the tournament was planned to be held before the season and outside of European countries, it was stated that the USA was shown as the favorite candidate first.

Since the mini tournament will be played at the beginning of the season, it will also replace the UEFA Super Cup. Champions League finalists, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League champions will compete in the tournament.

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