Sad news for video game fans.. no more “FIFA”

Instead, EA Sports is set to release a game called EA Sports FC from 2023, after the company designs the final version, in partnership with FIFA, later this year.

The company has been introducing the game FIFA for nearly three decades, and the association of fans around the world with it helped the brand of the Zurich-based organization, when it was marred by a wave of arrests of football officials in 2015 over corruption cases.

For many, FIFA is just a game, not a major sporting organization.

Now, FIFA must look for new video game opportunities beyond EA Sports FC.

EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson said: “We are grateful for many years of our wonderful partnership with FIFA. The future of global football is very bright, and our fan base around the world has never been stronger.”

“We have a fantastic opportunity to put (EA Sports FC) at the heart of the sport, and to bring more innovative and original experiences to a growing football audience,” he added.

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