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– Ataturk’s A chronology study, prepared in three volumes, in which they reveal the detailed story of how the Counter-Revolution came about, as well as the stages of the miraculous Republican Revolution that he carried out. Hundred Years of Revolution and Counter-Revolutionof (Remzi Bookstore) first volume ‘War, Revolution and Reactions (1919-1971)’ with Emre Kongar and Zülal Tetovo on our cover. Gamze Akdemir’s interviews…

– On our third page, “Shut up, Barbatus in terms of value!” in his article entitled Faruk Duman‘of Shut up Barbatus! (Yapi Kredi Spring.) that lensed the trilogy M. Sadik Aslankara is located.

– Okan Toygar, Ataol Behramoglu He was held in Maltepe and Sağmalcılar Prisons when he was arrested for his thoughts after the September 12 coup, and after exactly forty years Tekin Publishing Housepublished by A Morning Song in Prison-Prison Diaryhe’s talking. Ayşegul Tözeren de Behramoğlu’s book that he wrote and published in the last forty years, as well as his poems published in Cumhuriyet newspaper. you are guiltyu (Tekin Yay.) is examining.

– Sabri Gursesimplying that he was the first writer to describe the contradictions in Ukraine Mikhail Bulgakov‘s first novel about the historical division of Ukraine White Guard It focuses on the writer’s struggle against censorship, especially his works, and the writer’s struggle against censorship, who could not get anything published from 1928 until his death in 1940.

– Öner Kemal, Sedef Kabaş republican woman Nermin Abadan UnatThe interview book of ‘s existence story, published with new supplements The Woman Who Chose Her Life: “The Teacher of Teachers” Nermin Abadan Unat‘I (Remzi Bookstore) speaking.

– Feridun Andaç, “Narrator at the sieve of time” the master writer he described with his words Elias Canettiof Death Is My Enemy (trans. Ahmet Arpad / Sel Yay.) examines his writing, especially his work.

– Y. Bekir Yurdakul, Carlo Barbieriinvites its readers to think about the concepts of crime and misdemeanor, on the one hand, with ten short stories. Little Detective Ciccio‘present (trans. Ezay Akyıldız / Hayalkurdu Yay.) into the lens.

– Ilknur Erdogan, Ethem Barantells the surprising story of a writer who gets lost in the distance of a border city and meets the hero of the novel he is looking for. My love‘I (Contact Spring.) is examining.

– Showcases and Mustafa Basaranprepared by Crossword Think traffic continues.

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