Al-Abidin: I benefited from working with El-Sakka.. That is why I missed the Ramadan season

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the Tunisian artist, who cooperates with the two stars Ahmed El-Sakka and Mona Zaki in the film, said, “The Spider is one of the huge films in production and representation, and it has all the elements of success that make any actor like to participate in it, starting with the presence of big stars. Passing by the great director Ahmed Nader Galal and the skilled writer Muhammad Nayer, who presented a woven script, in terms of the story and the action scenes.

Al-Abidin pointed out that “the reactions about the film and my role in it were distinctive and I am very happy with it. I closely follow the audience’s reactions about the work through various comments on the communication sites, as well as the daily report of the work’s revenues, which confirms its great success in cinemas.”

The artist, who started his life as a professional football player until he reached the age of twenty-three, presents in the film the character of a member of the Gibran family, the leader of the gang whose path is interrupted by an unknown person called the spider, as a major conflict rages between the two parties during the events of the work.

Regarding the most difficult scenes he faced during filming, Al-Abidin said: “We faced many of them, including the scenes of action and explosions, because they were real and designed at the highest level of the battle designer, and also the continuation of filming for months, especially since we faced many difficulties in filming with the spread of the Corona virus, and filming stopped. Worked more than once, but I really enjoyed the movie.”

Al-Abidin had participated in his first work in Egyptian drama, through the series “Vertigo” with Hind Sabry and Nidal Al-Shafei.

The Tunisian artist said about his cooperation with El-Sakka: “I was honored to work with him, as he is a distinguished artist and has a special charisma, whether in cinema or television, and he has a wide audience, which adds to me a new audience. Because the film is a big shift in action cinema. Sakka’s presence in any work makes you do your best to show your best, especially as he pays great attention to details.”

Al-Abidin also believes that Ahmed Nader Jalal is one of the most important directors he has dealt with, adding: “He is very accurate and capable of his tools, and provokes the energies of the actor to bring out the best in him, and he does not mind filming scenes for hours until the scene comes out in the best picture, and it is an addition Any artist can work under his leadership because he focuses on the smallest details to produce the work at the highest level of professionalism. I hope that a new work will bring me together.”

Al-Abidin talked about the secret of his absence from participating in the last Ramadan drama season, saying: “I was busy filming the third part of the series, Bride of Beirut, and it was difficult for me to reconcile between filming two different works because I like to focus on what I present greatly and give the role its right in all respects, and although I I received many dramatic offers, so I preferred to focus on filming the third part of the series, which was a huge success that exceeded my expectations.”

Regarding the movie “Ghadwa” and the possibility of showing it in Egypt soon after it was shown in the Emirates, he stressed: “For me, I always prefer showing the movie in cinemas. It is an important and different work that touches the Arab world and I am honored to show it in Egypt, but I do not know yet whether it will be shown commercially to the public. Al-Masry or will it be broadcast on one of the electronic platforms, but his presentation at the last session of the Cairo International Film Festival assured me of his success among the Egyptian audience who attended the events and his love for the situation presented in it.”

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