After the “ordeal” .. this is the “banks alternative” to the money of the Lebanese

Rabie, who was working as an employee in a bank, regrets the situation, describing the compensation he received from his work after submitting his resignation as “piasters”.

And he added, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, that he transferred his compensation to the US dollar, to keep its value, and deposited it in a safe at home, because it is more secure than the bank account whose fate is unknown.

Samir, who owns a store selling office furniture and safes near Beirut, says that one customer every day used to ask for a closet before the crisis, while the number increased to about 10 every day in the past two years, due to the lack of confidence in the banks that close doors and prevent withdrawals whenever they want.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Samir points out that there are several types of safes, they start at $65 and reach thousands of dollars, according to their safety, weight, camouflage and inability to open or break them.

He reveals that “everyone asks about safes, even someone who owns an amount of no more than $3,000 in his home, or who works with foreign institutions and gets paid in US currency, or is he one of the wealthy whose income is still in dollars, amid the continuation of their daily profits.”

As for Rana, she says that she withdrew all the bank deposits she was entitled to and then put them in a safe at home, where she also puts her jewelry, spends from her salary and withdraws what she lacks from the treasury.

In the same context, Randa told Sky News Arabia that she no longer entrusted any bank or person with her money, as she bought a camouflaged safe for the house and deposited her money in it because she is under her watch and watch, and a bank cannot prevent her from withdrawing, as happened now.

growing demand

Deeb Charang, owner of a blacksmith factory, told Sky News Arabia that the demand for home safes to save money and jewelry has increased significantly in the past three years, as people demand camouflaged safes that do not indicate their existence.

He pointed out that “most of the safes that are required are the depth of a US dollar note, 70 centimeters wide, with a height of one meter, and they are fixed to the wall, and they have several safety features and to carry them, the wall must be broken. In the middle, while prices start from $50 and reach $450.

A banking source, who declined to be named, confirms that banks have become centers for withdrawing money, not depositing it, because of the loss of people’s trust.

The source pointed out, in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that “the money transferred by the expatriates to their families in Lebanon, is withdrawn immediately, even in installments, in order for the owners to put them in the coffers of the houses.”

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