Egypt coach: That’s why I thought of apologizing for the mission

Galal said in the press conference to present it to the media: “I thought about apologizing for the task, I am not a good follower of the criticism,” adding, “Of course I focus on any constructive criticism of my work that helps me develop, but in general there is no coach who leads the team, and there is agreement from everyone on his choices.

Jalal called for the necessity of providing support to the national team in the coming period in order to achieve its goals.

Jalal revealed the reasons for his agreement to coach the team this time, stressing, “Leading the team is a mandate, and it is not easy to say no to the team twice.”

He continued, “I was nominated to coach the national team before Hossam El-Badri, the former coach of the national team, and I refused because of my adherence to the assistant apparatus, but now the circumstances are different, and the current Board of Directors of the Football Association is more flexible and understanding of the situation, and I did not object to the names of the assistant apparatus as it was reported.”

Jalal announced his communication with the captain of the team, Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, after his appointment, adding: “Salah has a very big spirit, and he has a very big role in the coming period with us, and we hope that Salah will win all the championships with Liverpool before he joins us during the coming period.” .

On the return of Abdullah Al-Saeed, the leader of Pyramids, from international retirement, Jalal said: “Al-Saeed will not mind reversing his decision to retire from international football, and if he continues at this level that he presents with his team, I think that if we need his services, he will have no objection.”

For his part, Federation President Gamal Allam announced that the contract term with Jalal will be for two years until 2024, stressing that “we are not dealing with the new technical staff as being responsible for a transitional period.”

He added, “Important engagements await us that require stability, and we wish him well in Ihab Jalal and his assistant apparatus, and we wish him success in his responsibility.”

And about Jalal’s need for protection by the federation against criticism of his appointment as a coach, Allam replied, “We are not guards, but we will try to meet the technical director’s demands, including friendly matches, training camps, and others.”

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