Advice do not ignore .. Fake Facebook pages set a trap

According to a report issued by the company “Vade” specialized in cybersecurity, the instant messaging application “WhatsApp”, which is owned by the “Meta” company that runs Facebook, also comes on top of the tricks that Internet hackers resort to in order to penetrate users.

The figures showed that the name of Facebook accounted for 14% of the phishing pages that were relied upon, for the purpose of electronic penetration.

The list included the name “Microsoft”, but these platforms are not the only channels through which Internet fraudsters operate.

The data reveals that the largest phishing operations are carried out through pages claiming to provide financial services, or the illusion of winning and obtaining attractive prizes.

Experts reported that these fake financial pages, some of which used popular tags such as “PayPal”, made up 34 percent of the total phishing pages.

Experts relied on analyzing nearly 185,000 fake websites, since 2021, which are fake pages aimed at obtaining user data.

Experts recommend not to enter untrusted links, especially when they come from people we do not know enough, as well as download known and verified applications.

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