Morocco.. Arrest of a person who planned a “major terrorist act”

The Central Bureau of Judicial Research said in a statement that it had “arrested an extremist element loyal to the so-called ISIS in the outskirts of the city of Tata in the southeast of the country.”

He added that investigations showed that the 27-year-old suspect “was preparing to implement his terrorist project, at the behest and coordination of an extremist person operating outside Morocco, with links to terrorist incidents in Europe,” without specifying his identity, according to the statement published by the Moroccan News Agency.

He explained that “this terrorist plot was aimed at attacking foreign citizens in Morocco, some high-ranking officials in ministerial and security institutions, in addition to many government and banking facilities and sensitive security buildings.”

The arrest also resulted in “the seizure of a group of suspicious materials, in varying quantities, that are used in the manufacture and preparation of explosives, in addition to information equipment that includes digital data on how to manufacture explosives,” according to the same source.

He also seized a “handwritten manuscript in the form of a will threatening to carry out terrorist operations.”

From time to time, the Moroccan authorities announce the arrest of individuals or the dismantling of terrorist cells loyal to ISIS in particular.

In January, the police arrested a person suspected of killing a French citizen with a bladed weapon, and wounding another, a Belgian, in the city of Agadir.

The police first suggested that the crime was motivated by theft, but the Public Prosecution opened an investigation into “a suspicion of a terrorist motive behind the crime,” with the suspect placed in a mental and psychiatric hospital to ensure his mental health, while the results of the investigation have not yet been announced.

The number of dismantled cells has exceeded 2,000 since 2002, with more than 3,500 people arrested, according to official data.

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