Houthi militia prevents a team from participating in a championship because of their sportswear

Yemen (news now) 02/03/2022 18:59

The sports team was expelled from the Houthi militia because of its clothing

The terrorist Houthi militia in Saada governorate prevented a sports team from participating in a sports tournament organized by the governorate Saada In northern Yemen, because of their “shorts”, arguing that they are “obscene and contrary to what they called “faith identity”.
Local sources said that the director of the Youth and Sports Office in Saada Governorate, appointed by the militias, Abdul Elah Al-Hakim, excluded the “Ittifaq Al-Talh” team from a tournament organized by the group and called it “Al-Samad”, because of their wearing of the “sports shorts” that all sports teams in the world are used to wearing in All matches.
The sources added that the Houthi leader directed the players to wear “long skirts or trousers” and to leave the official dress and the usual sports uniform.
This coincides with the terrorist Houthi militia launching a campaign through the offices of industry and commerce in the directorates of the capital Sana’a to burn the covers and pictures of women’s underwear in Sana’a markets and fine their owners on the pretext that they are “contrary to morals and religion.”
Extremist behaviors and practices similar to those of Al-Qaeda and ISIS were repeated by the leaders of the Houthi militia, including preventing mixing, destroying statues for displaying clothes, and burning “abaya belts”, claiming that they are indecent and delay victory.

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