Egypt sends a plane to Romania to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine

In a note to the Egyptian community, the embassy said that the plane arrives on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Bucharest time, and that it comes as part of the ongoing efforts to facilitate the return of Egyptian citizens stranded in Bucharest after crossing the Ukrainian-Romanian border.

The embassy called on the Egyptians to quickly go to the Egyptian embassy in Bucharest to prepare the list of passengers on that plane, and then go directly to the airport from the embassy in a collective form.

For his part, the Egyptian ambassador to Romania, Muayyad Al-Dulai, said that according to the count, more than 400 Egyptians crossed the Ukrainian border and entered Romania, and some of them have already returned to Cairo on Romanian flights through regular reservations, and the rest are being arranged to be evacuated at the government’s expense.

Al-Dulai said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that the Egyptian embassy in Bucharest provided free mass transportation to transport the Egyptians from the Ukrainian border to their places of residence in the capital until evacuation, as well as they will be transported collectively at the expense of the Egyptian state to the airport to board the evacuation plane that will be sent by the government.

He explained that the embassy is monitoring the situation of Egyptians on the Ukrainian border for a moment, and there are about 500 Egyptians expected to cross the border within a short time, and that the borders are crowded, and this is the reason for the delay in crossing.

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