Ukrainian beauty queen threatens Russian soldiers with snipers

And the Ukrainian representative in the 2015 World Beauty Contest, Anastasia Lina, published in an Instagram post a picture of her wearing a military uniform and carrying a war weapon.

Lina attached the photo to a post that said: “Anyone who thinks of crossing the Ukrainian border will die.”

In another post, Lina said: “Our Ukrainian army is fighting in such a splendid way that NATO is considering joining Ukraine.”

Lina also published a picture of soldiers accompanied by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom she described as a “real strong leader”, according to the British “Sky News” network.

In another post, the beauty queen called on Ukrainian citizens to remove all road signs, claiming that this would hinder the progress of Russian soldiers in her country, if they penetrated into it.

It is worth mentioning that Lina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration from “Slavistek” University in Kiev, is fluent in speaking five languages, and previously worked as a model and public relations manager in Turkey.

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