They are all students.. Details of the first trip for Egyptians returning from Ukraine

Al-Dulai said, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that the 15 Egyptians who had already returned to Cairo, at dawn on Sunday, were among 120 other Egyptians who were able to cross the border from Ukraine to Romania and came to Bucharest in coordination with the Egyptian embassy.

He added that these returnees had booked their flights on Romanian Airlines, from inside Ukraine, before coming to Bucharest.

He added that the problem is that Romanian Airlines has only 3 flights per week to Cairo, the first was Saturday and transported the 15 mentioned, and there is a flight on Tuesday, and another group booked on that flight will be transferred already, while follow-up is underway to transfer the rest.

He pointed out that the remaining Egyptians who had already come to Romania were accommodated in hotels and university cities for students, in coordination with the Romanian authorities, as well as in the Egyptian Coptic Church in Romania.

He added that the embassy’s estimates indicate that there are about 300 Egyptians who have not yet entered Romania, and coordination is underway with the authorities for their entry, as well as 500 others who are still in Ukraine, who are students and families, who are currently being gathered to bring them to cross the border and enter Romania.

The “overcrowding” hindrance

The Egyptian ambassador in Bucharest said that the reason for the delay in transport operations from Ukraine to Romania is the congestion of people who want to cross, and the number of buses transporting them is few, and then they are waiting for their turn.

When asked about the existence of a plan to evacuate the Egyptians from Romania via an Egyptian plane, the Egyptian ambassador in Bucharest said that the data of all those who arrived in Romania are currently being collected, and the data will be sent to Cairo to take the necessary action as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the Egyptian embassy in Romania issued a statement saying that it was appealing to “the Egyptian community coming from Ukraine through the Romanian borders to contact the embassy on the emergency number as soon as they enter Romanian territory.”

The embassy asked “to provide it with names and passport photos so that it can arrange air evacuations to Egypt as soon as possible, as well as arrange housing operations until the time to leave Romanian territory.”

The embassy also said that it “contacted with some Romanian universities to provide accommodation in Romanian university cities for Egyptians coming from Ukraine until Romania’s departure for Egypt.”

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