Ukraine announces “Russia losses” since the start of the offensive

According to the Ukrainian delegate, 3,500 Russian soldiers died during the Russian military operation launched by Moscow, and said that the aim was to remove what she described as “neo-Nazis” from Ukraine and ward off the danger they posed to its national security.

In the same vein, the Ukrainian diplomat announced the destruction of 102 Russian tanks, 536 armored vehicles, 15 artillery pieces, 14 military combat aircraft and 8 helicopters, in addition to the Buk-1 missile system.

In the same context, Kisletsya said that his country had asked the Red Cross to facilitate the return of the bodies of thousands of Russian soldiers who were killed in Ukraine.

He added that President Zelensky submitted a request to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, adding that “the relatives of Russian soldiers have the right to bury them with dignity. Do not allow Putin to hide the scale of the tragedy.”

Kiev spoke about these losses, while the Russian Information Agency quoted the Ministry of Defense as saying that orders were issued on Saturday to all Russian units in Ukraine to resume their offensive from all directions, after stopping on Friday.

The ministry said, repeating similar comments from the Kremlin, that the pause Friday came in anticipation of talks between Moscow and Kiev, but the attack resumed after Ukraine refused to negotiate.

On the other hand, a US defense official said, on Saturday, that the frustration of Russian forces is growing in neighboring Ukraine due to what the United States sees as continuing resistance.

“We know they haven’t made the progress they wanted to make, especially in the north. They were frustrated by what they saw as the desperate resistance,” the official added.

For its part, the British Ministry of Defense stated that the Russian advance has likely witnessed a temporary slowdown, as a result of severe logistical difficulties and the intensity of the Ukrainian resistance.

The assessment of the British Ministry of Defense came in a periodic briefing based on intelligence information it published on Twitter.

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