Assad to Putin: Russia is defending the world… and what is happening is a correction of history

In a call with Putin, the Syrian president stressed that “what is happening today is a correction of history and a restoration of balance to the world that it lost after the dissolution of the Soviet Union,” and that “Western hysteria comes in order to keep history in the wrong place in favor of chaos that only outlaws seek.” .”

Al-Assad considered that “Russia today is not only defending itself, but also the world and the principles of justice and humanity.”

Al-Assad blamed Western countries for “chaos and bloodshed as a result of their policies aimed at controlling peoples, as these countries use their dirty methods to support terrorists in Syria and the Nazis in Ukraine and in various parts of the world.”

The Syrian president stressed his country’s support for Russia, “out of its conviction of the correctness of its position, and because confronting NATO expansion is Russia’s right, because it has become a global threat to the world and has turned into a tool to achieve the irresponsible policies of Western countries to strike stability in the world.”

He considered that “the enemy that the Syrian and Russian armies are facing is one. In Syria, it is extremism, and in Ukraine it is Nazism.”

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