The first warning from the Egyptian embassy in Ukraine to the Egyptian community

The Egyptian embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, called on Egyptian citizens to stay at home and not leave them permanently. All Egyptian citizens should keep documents proving their identity, and abide by the instructions of the Ukrainian government until the end of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

Egyptian Embassy in Ukraine

The Egyptian embassy will provide the members of the community with all that is new through its personal page, and the Egyptian embassy has also requested that they provide them with their contact information, including the name, phone number, e-mail and address via the following e-mail. [email protected]

It is worth noting that the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration announced its follow-up to the position of the Egyptian community abroad in Ukraine, and is currently communicating with the Egyptian students present in Ukraine and the heads of the community to follow up on developments. .

The Russian President announces the start of the military operation in Ukraine

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Russian President Putin had announced the start of a military operation in Ukraine, despite the presence of warnings of imposing sanctions on Russia in the event of a war. Numerous reports confirmed the presence of bombings in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and reports of many deaths.

Officials in Ukraine confirmed that the Russian military operation led to the killing of many Ukrainian soldiers, in addition to the killing of more than 50 Russian soldiers in this operation, which was announced by the Ukrainian government, and the Ukrainian President then announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Russia hours after the start of the operation Russian military.

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