How much do you buy a piece of Mars? Prepare your money for the “strangest auction”

It is expected that the price of a piece of the “Red Planet” will reach up to 800,000 dollars, while a dog house destroyed by a meteor strike from outer space raises about 300,000 dollars, in an auction by the famous “Christie’s”.

Many of the auction items called “Deep Impact: Meteorites, Mars, Moon, and Other Rare Collection” are flooded with bids.

Christie’s said in a statement that the sale of 66 items, which is taking place online only and will end on Wednesday, include “meteorites containing the oldest material that can be touched by a human hand.”

In an interview, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said the pieces on display include “rocks ejected by larger meteorites from the Moon or Mars.”

“Reuters” quoted Tyson as saying: “These rocks separated (from the meteorites) and swam into space, some of them landing here on Earth.”

The third largest rock from Mars found on Earth is expected to register the highest price in this auction.

A dog cage has been on display since February 9, with the dog, Rocky, a Shepherd inside, but he narrowly escaped when a meteor smashed through the tin roof in April 2019 in Aguas Zarcas, Costa Rica.

Christie’s said: “A hole with a diameter of more than 17 centimeters indicates the hole made by the meteorite in the roof and the dog’s yard.”

“The meteorite almost crushed (the dog). Luckily it survived,” said Daryl Peet, who is in charge of the Makovich Meteoritic Collection and an auction consultant.

The cow that was hit by a meteorite in Venezuela in 1972 was not so fortunate, as farms extracted what was left of it and ate its meat.

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