The curcumin doctor puts an Egyptian artist in trouble..and this is her legal position

Popular singer Fatima Eid presented a song in a TV advertisement promoting the alleged curcumin treatment and has been shown on several channels for years, prompting some to demand that she be held accountable for this because she contributed to promoting this treatment, which was said to have caused the death of some patients who relied on it.

Fatima Eid appeared in local media to defend herself, stressing that she presented this advertisement as a gift for free, because according to her description, the famous pharmacist with curcumin treated her husband from roughness in the joints with this recipe after many attempts with specialized doctors who did not succeed in treating her husband, as she put it.

She explained that she made this announcement 5 years ago and it was shown thousands of times on several satellite channels and was not stopped by any party, and that she does not know whether the alleged treatment was licensed or not, because that is not her responsibility.

Regarding her legal position in that case, Shaaban Saeed, the legal advisor to the Egyptian Actors Syndicate, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that the decisive factor in the matter is her knowledge of the lack of a license or non-approval of this alleged treatment and its danger. But if you don’t know then you will be a bona fide partner and have no legal problem.

He explained that police investigations will prove whether or not Fatima Eid knows of commercial fraud in the product she announced.

Saeed said that he calls on Egyptian artists not to participate in advertisements for any products until after making sure that there are no violations in them, because some are chasing after money and participate in advertisements for dangerous products that get them into legal problems.

For his part, Mohamed Islah, a lawyer at the Egyptian Court of Cassation, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that if it is proven that Fatima Eid knows of violations about the product that she announced, she will be a partner of the original accused and will be punished with the same punishment, but in the absence of her knowledge, the criminal intent is negated.

He also pointed out that even if her knowledge was proven, but she submitted the announcement 5 years ago and did not present anything new regarding this product, her crime would have been subject to a statute of limitations.

The Dokki Misdemeanour Court in Giza, south of the Egyptian capital, decided to punish the pharmacist Ahmed Abu Al-Nasr, known as the “curcumin doctor”, with two and a half years in prison, and a fine of 250 thousand pounds, for his conviction on 7 charges, including fraud, impersonation of a doctor, management of a hospital and pharmacy without a license and selling unknown goods. Source and circulation of medicines for which a decision was not issued by the Minister of Health.

The Egyptian police had arrested the curcumin doctor, on Saturday evening, in Sheikh Zayed City in Giza, after several reports accusing him of fraud and causing harm to patients by promoting herbal prescriptions of unknown source and unlicensed by health authorities.

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