The date for depositing student rewards for the month of February 2022 through the Noor System website

Many students in Saudi Arabia want to know the date for depositing student rewards for the month of February. Therefore, the Saudi Ministry of Education, under the guidance of the leadership in the Kingdom, provides assistance to deserving students, but according to certain conditions and controls that the Ministry carefully set so that the support reaches its actual beneficiaries, and the Ministry provides this material support to male and female students. To encourage them to complete their educational journey, and so that they can purchase the necessary educational supplies, this reward is a motive and an incentive for students to complete their educational journey. Below we will explain the date for depositing student rewards for the month of February 2022.

Where the Ministry deposits the stipend for eligible students on the 27th of each Gregorian month, if the exchange day does not coincide with an official holiday in the Kingdom, and in the event that the exchange is presented a day or delayed by a day, the students’ stipends for this month will be deposited next Sunday on the 26th 07/1443 corresponding to 02/27/2022, and the Ministry of Education has stressed the need for those eligible to activate a bank account for them to which the reward will be transferred directly, and this account must be in the name of the student who is eligible for support.

Noor system website to inquire about student rewards

It is possible to inquire about student rewards through the “Noor Electronic System link”, by following the following steps:

  1. Go to Noor system site mail.
  2. Then enter “User Name, Password and Verification Code”
  3. Then click on Sign in.
  4. Click on “Rewards and Subsidies.”
  5. Then select “View bounty rallies.”
  6. Fill in all the information correctly and click on search.

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