Swindon Town fan.. 6-year-old’s message stirs world sympathy

Swindon (news now) – 02/20/2022. 17:31

A message from a young Swindon Town fan invades England

Over the past few days, social networking sites have been filled with one of the human stories that reflect the other side of football, the hero of which was a young child. 6 Years and supports Swindon Town, a club in the English second division.

The story began when the official account of the Swindon Town club on Twitter posted a handwritten letter, written by a young boy. 6 years and sent to the club.

And the boy named Joe wrote in his letter that he loves Swindon Town Club And he wants to attend the matches in order to encourage his favorite team, but his mother does not have enough money to buy food and pay for his school meal, which prevents him from going to the stadium..

And in a gesture that reflects how much this kid loves the team, Joe put in his message an amount and value 26 Dedicate a penny to his favorite player Harry McCrady.

And publish the official account of the club Swindon Town On Twitter, a picture of the message and the amount of money attached to it, and attached it to a comment that stated: ”We just received this message from cheerleader Joe, aged 6 Years and a half, unfortunately we do not have his address, whoever recognizes his handwriting or knows his address, please write to us.

Tweet received The club received great interaction from Swindon Town fans, and fans of other teams as well, and many donations were offered to the young fan to pay for a ticket for him to attend the matches and help him in the difficult circumstances of his family.

According to the website, “Swindonadvertiser” local, an amount has been collected 10 Thousands of pounds for Joe, while the club has not reached the child yet.

The same website quoted Ben Garner, coach of the Swindon Town team, in which he said:: ”I am also looking forward to other initiatives to be able to give other underprivileged children a chance to watch the matches.

. added: ”As far as I know, Joe has not been located yet, I think the great thing is that this story has raised awareness, a lot of money has been raised, I hope we can get to the baby as soon as possible.

The team coach continued: ”Football should be for everyone, and we must make sure we don’t overburden fans anywhere.

And the echoes of Joe’s message did not stop there, as one of the city’s famous transport companies announced that they would take Joe to the team’s stadium for free to watch the matches upon arrival..

Swindon Town also announced that it will cooperate with a food bank to launch a donation point to support and assist the team’s fans in their difficult living conditions..

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