In the arms of the desert .. southern Algeria sings to Africa “with one rhythm”

The cultural event seeks to embody and enhance the values ​​of brotherhood, love and coexistence among all the peoples of the region, and to devote a culture of openness to the other, by demonstrating African cultural and social communication with the rest of the world’s population..

To highlight these points, the focus will be on the musical cultural blending between the brown continent and the United States, by highlighting the artistic contributions of the first Africans who immigrated to America, in different ways, from the seventeenth century to the present day..

For this purpose, Algeria invited a group of artists who hold the nationality of countries that share common borders with Algeria, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Mali, Libya, Mauritania and Niger, in addition to South Africa and the United States, which will be present with artists performing jazz and hip-hop songs..

An oasis of coexistence and love

The choice of the Taghit oasis came because it constitutes an important part of the African Sahara, which has an area of ​​9 million square kilometers and extends from Morocco to Egypt, and includes North African countries..

Taghit has more than 60 artistic and folkloric expressions and many musical genres spanning over two million years of existence, such as the music of Diwan, Maya, Al-Houbi, Al-Haydos and Fondue..

Historical research indicates that the oasis has been a hub for African cultural exchange throughout history, and was classified by UNESCO in 1982 as a World Heritage Site, due to its distinct tourism potential, as it contains many rock carvings..

The area is famous for its stone inscriptions that date back to 8 thousand years BC, and date the Stone Age period and the development of the life of the first primitive man..

The young Algerian artist, Hind Boukla, who is participating in this artistic event, stressed that its goal is to “highlight the historical, musical and cultural ties that unite humanity, and remind the world of the importance of music in preserving the bonds of tolerance and living together.”.

Boukla told Sky News Arabia: “Africa has provided a lot of musical and artistic creativity to the world throughout history“.

Tourism Revitalization

In addition to highlighting the positive impact of those values, valuing cultural diversity and demonstrating the historical dimension and forms of cultural expressions that abound in the region, the event also carries other objectives of a tourist nature..

The head of the National Federation of Tourism in Algeria, Said Boukhalifa, stressed that “organizing such artistic events would support the tourism sector and stimulate activity in the south, after more than two years of a state similar to the complete stagnation of the tourism sector in the region due to Corona.”

And he continued to “Sky News Arabia”: “The pandemic has led to a significant decrease in tourism activity, and Taghit is one of the most important oases in which local and foreign tourists like to spend time, especially in winter, and this is an important opportunity for everyone.”“.

The artistic and cultural event will extend for two weeks, specifically until March 13, 2022, a period that will witness the organization of workshops and the writing of many songs that are considered as the contract, which combines American music with its black origins..

An initiative with the participation of 370 artists

In turn, the artistic director of the event, the Algerian artist Chakib Bouzidi, confirmed that this cultural event is organized by the US Embassy in Algeria, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Arts..

He added to “Sky News Arabia”, that there are “great intersections between North African music and American jazz and hip-hop music, which arose at the hands of Africans who immigrated in various ways to the United States about 400 years ago.”

The artistic rendezvous is an extension of a global cultural program that was launched for the first time in 2012, entitled “One Beat”, and has so far gathered more than 370 musicians from 50 countries.

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