“Like your mother and father’s gun” .. a new American children’s game that ignites anger

And associations to combat violence resulting from personal weapons in the United States expressed outrage at the introduction of the “gun” designed specifically for children.

Company explained WEE1 Tactical This rifle is “the first of a range of weapons that will enable adults to safely introduce children to the sport of shooting,” and described it on its website as a “mother and dad’s rifle.”“.

It literally means JR In the name of the gun “Junior”, it is only 80 centimeters long, weighs less than one kilogram, and is equipped with ammunition stores that can accommodate five or ten rounds of long 22 caliber. It was put on the market in mid-January at a price of 389 dollars.

As for the model AR-15 Designed for adults, it is a civilian version of a military-style weapon that has been used in a series of murders, including those in schools that left major trauma..

Shootings abound in the United States, whose constitution guarantees the right to own firearms, but attempts to regulate their possession and demands for stricter control over their sales are stalled in Congress under pressure from the gun lobby..

26 people, including 20 children, were killed on December 14, 2012 at the American Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut (northeast of the United States) by the fire of a mentally ill young man, and this tragedy had a profound impact on public opinion..

also used AR-15 In the Las Vegas shooting of 2017, the number of victims was the highest in modern US history, with 58 dead, as well as in Parkland High School in Florida (17 deaths) in 2018..

On Friday, Josh Sugarman, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, which combats gun violence, said: “At first glance, it appears to be a ridiculous joke, but upon closer examination, it turns out to be just a sham,” according to Agence France-Presse.

As for the “Newtown Action Alliance” association, which calls for limiting the possession of weapons, it criticized the arms lobby and its manufacturers, saying that they “are doing everything to continue making profits.“.

About 45,000 people were killed with firearms in the United States during 2021, including 24,000 suicides, and more than 1,500 minors, according to the “Gun Violence Archive”“.

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