“Collective Security Treaty” considers sending peacekeepers to Ukraine

And the situation in two regions, which declared themselves pro-Russian republics in the Ukrainian Donbass region, is on the brink of explosion, after the rebel leaders announced the complete mobilization of their forces, and asked civilians to leave for Russia, after the bombing of Ukraine and separatist rebels exchanged accusations about it..

In an interview conducted before the evacuation began, the secretary-general of the Moscow-based Collective Security Treaty Organization said it could send peacekeepers to Donbass, “if there is international consensus on such a deployment.”.

Stanislav Zass told Reuters: “Hypothetically, you can imagine it (such a deployment) if there is goodwill from Ukraine, it is its territory above all, there is a mandate from the UN Security Council, and if there is a need, This decision was supported by all of our governments“.

Last month, for the first time in its 20-year history, the organization deployed troops to a former Soviet country to help quell a coup attempt in Kazakhstan..

Zass considered that “negotiations are the only way to resolve the crisis in Ukraine,” noting at the same time that the organization has “a force of 17,000 soldiers on permanent alert, and a specialized peacekeeping force of about 4,000 soldiers.”.

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