7 terrorists killed in a military operation in northeastern Algeria

Algeria (news now) – 02/20/2022. 00:28

The Algerian Ministry of Defense announces the elimination of 7 terrorists

  • Seven armed terrorists were killed in the north-east of the country
  • The operation made it possible to “retrieve six Kalashnikov submachine guns, a scoped rifle, and significant amounts of ammunition.”

The Algerian Ministry of Defense announced the killing of seven armed terrorists in the northeast of the country in a military operation that is still ongoing.

The ministry said in a statement reported by the Algerian News Agency that the seven terrorists were killed during a “search and combing operation in the Oued El Douar forest in Skikda state, in the Fifth Military Region.”

She added that the operation made it possible to “retrieve six sub-machine guns Kalashnikov a rifle with scopes, significant quantities of ammunition and communication devices, in addition to clothing, medicine, and other items.”

On January 1, the Ministry of Defense announced that the operations carried out by the army during the year 2021 enabled it to neutralize 23 “terrorists” and arrest 222 members of armed terrorist groups.

Two soldiers were killed in Algeria last month, as a result of a clash with a terrorist group on the border strip in the Hassi-Terreen region of the En Ghezzam operational sector in the Sixth Military Region.

The Ministry of Defense stated at the time that terrorists were eliminated and a heavy (12.7 mm) machine gun, two Kalashnikov machine guns, a four-wheel drive vehicle and a quantity of ammunition of various calibers were recovered.

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