In the video, the Afghan child “Haidar” repeats the tragedy of “Ryan” and falls into a deep well, and rescue efforts continue

A new tragedy is experienced by the families of the five-year-old Haider, with the participation of all the citizens of Afghanistan, and the world sympathizes and awaits the rescue efforts undertaken and supervised by the state. Rescue efforts have not yet managed to get him out.

In the video.. the Afghan child "Haider" Tragedy repeats "Rayyan" And he falls into a deep well, and rescue efforts continue 1/2/18/2022 - 9:48 AM

Haider’s crying breaks my heart

A video filmed by a camera that was lowered deep into the well to check on the condition of the poor child showed his cries and cries in the darkness of the narrow pit in which he lies. The heart-breaking crying of Haider, the child, prompted senior officials in Afghanistan to be next to him and try to save him.

Through the presence of the rescue forces in Zabul province, southeast of Afghanistan, the site of the fall of the child Haider, senior state officials participated in the presence at the site of the fall, led by Defense Minister Muhammad Yaqoub, Minister of Interior Sirajuddin Haqqani, and Deputy Minister of Public Health.

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Haider’s father tells him the child answers

A video clip showed the father of the child Haider talking to him and trying to reassure him through some words in which he said, “Haider, talk to me, we are trying to get you out, are you okay, son? Talk to me and don’t cry, we’re working on getting you out.” The child answered in simple words, saying to him, “Okay, I’ll keep talking.”

It is worth noting that the rescue bulldozers are working continuously to reach the child, but they have not succeeded so far due to the narrowness of the well and the concern for the child’s safety during the excavation work.

We hope that the fate of the child “Haidar” will be better than the fate of the Moroccan “Rayan”, and we pray to God to grant him a safe exit, God willing.

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