Hearing the sound of an explosion in Beirut amid the overflight of Israeli planes

The security source said that Israeli planes flew at a low altitude over the capital, Beirut, at that time.

A witness said that two planes flew in the sky over the Lebanese capital, according to what Reuters reported.

On Friday, the Israeli military said its missile defenses and fighter jets were fired, after a remotely controlled aircraft entered the airspace across the border from Lebanon.

Later, the Israeli army stated that the drone that penetrated the Israeli airspace managed to return to Lebanon, retracting the story that the plane was shot down with Iron Dome missiles.

For its part, the “Hezbollah” group said that it launched a drone in a reconnaissance operation over Israel for 40 minutes, before returning unharmed, despite attempts to shoot it down.

The initial Israeli announcement came after there were reports that sirens were heard in northern Israel twice in a row, before they were followed by the sounds of huge explosions.

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